What is Learn Then Apply?

Hi, I’m Aswin (uh-shwin)

I created Learn Through Action to turn my mindless consumption into inspired creation.

On this site, I:

  • keep track of my various projects
  • document my activity trying different things
  • share useful resources that helped me take the next step


Why You Shouldn’t Listen To Me 


  • I was raised in one of the wealthiest regions in the U.S. (Northern Virginia)
  • When I graduated, I only had about $5k in subsidized loans (my parents paid for the majority of my tuition) and got my dad’s old (& highly functional) CR-V.
  • I have lived at my parent’s house since I graduated (brown family vibez).
  • I have talked about entrepreneurship for 8 years but have yet to launch a project/side hustle that brings in at least $100 a month.
  • I constantly go through periods where I get nothing done.


If You’re Looking for Qualifications, This Is The Wrong Place 

The lessons from this blog are inspired from things I read, watch, and listen to.

Have a healthy skepticism of anything on this site.

My hope is to build credibility as I continue to publish.

My promise to you is to research and test things before I recommend them to you.

At the end of the day, you have to use these resources and lessons to learn and apply yourself.


So What Kinda Topics Do I Cover?

I would say I’m somewhat of a generalist, so the topic areas are pretty broad.

That being said most of the topics are around productivity, finance, entrepreneurship, and marketing.

If That Didn't Scare You...
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